Kids Camp "Operation Arctic"

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Welcome to Operation Arctic 2017 Summer Kids Camp! Every day, our kids are bombarded with the message that the Bible isn’t the true Word of God, that it can’t be trusted to tell us the truth about the past or, more importantly, about how we can receive the gift of eternal life. At Operation Arctic, your kids will warm up to the Word as they explore the coolest Book on the planet and discover how we can know for sure that the Bible is God’s written word to us! As we venture into the cold tundra, we’ll discover that the BIBLE: 1. Is the Book of Books, unique in every way! 2. Has had an Incredible Impact upon our world! 3. Is the Bedrock Base of our lives! 4. Is a Letter of Love in which God tells us how we can become His children! 5. Is Exciting to Explore as we learn it, love it, and live it!

  • $190Overnight Campers 1st - 7th Grade (Should complete 1st grade)
  • $135Day Campers for 4-6 y/o
  • $115Camp Volunteer (Overnight) Register ONLY if you confirmed your Participation with Camp Director
  • $80Camp Volunteer (Day Camp) Register ONLY if you confirmed your Participation with Camp Director
  • $9Sunday Lunch for 1 Adult
  • $9Sunday July 9th LUNCH for Visitors (if you need extra lunches you can add them when you register)

Optional Add-Ons

  • Sunday, July 9th LUNCH - Child 3-7y/o $7 (Registered Campers price includes Sunday's Lunch) : $7
  • Sunday, July 9th after Church LUNCH - 8y/o and Older $9 (Registered Campers price includes Sunday's Lunch) : $10
  • Camp Photo CD (Pictures that are taken during CAMP ) : $10
  • Extra T-Shirt Size - Adult- S : $10
  • Extra T-Shirt Size - Adult- M : $10
  • Extra T-Shirt Size - Adult- L : $10
  • Extra T-Shirt Size - Adult- XL : $10
  • Extra T-Shirt Size - YOUTH - M : $8
  • Extra T-Shirt Size - YOUTH - L : $8
  • Extra T-Shirt Size - YOUTH - S : $8
  • Extra T-Shirt Size - YOUTH - XL : $8
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Event Details

  • Jul 6
    10:00 am
    Jul 9
    2:00 pm